Load Planning Optimization Software "AutoLoad Pro" funtions with practical operation. It is the best tools for load operation optimization.

Load Planning Optimization Software "AutoLoad Pro-Intelligent Load Planning Optimization System " support sea&air container loading、truck loading、palletizing、2-stages loading. AutoLoad Pro function with practical operation of the logic, which can be flexibly all load planning types and various types of restrictions, Specific support the needs of load operation optimization.

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System Requirements



AutoLoad Pro 2008 

The Databases of AutoLoad Pro are Access and SQL, which can be intergrated in SAP ERP、ORACLE ERP、J.D. Edwards ERP and so on.

If the products of length 、width、highth、weight and quantity have been recorded in your ERP system, you can export the data from the database of your ERP system to the database of Autoload Pro and save the key-in time.


Chinese, English


Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005,Microsoft-Access


Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ Vista /Win7

Minimum Hardware Requirement

Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005,Microsoft-Access

Access Memory : 256 MB RAM  

Hard Drive : 150 MB free space

Graphic Card : 1024 * 768 resolution above


Load planning optimization software "AutoLoad Pro" is the preferred software tool of load optimization. The software supports all type of loading scheme. (Please refer to "Homepage")

  1. Container load plan for Sea、Air and Land
    • Determine the optimal combination to improve load factor,consider comprehensive container loading conditions.
    • Automate selection of multi-set containers optimization with consideration of loading direction of container for increased weight / volume utilization of container.
  2. Truck load plan
    • Determine the optimal truck type and quantity,consider loading sequence for multiple stops delivery.
    • Automate selection of number and optimal types of trucks to be used with consideration of loading sequence.
  3. Pallet Stack Plan
    • Support mix load on different pallet sizes.
    • Automate selection of optimal types of pallets and stacking pattern with consideration of features of pallets and stacking constraints.
  4. 2 Stages Loading
    • Make carton / pallet loads with goods and then loads them onto trucks or into containers to complete the loading plan.
  5. Air Container Load Plan
    • Support any kind of air containers.
    • Consider the shape of containers and pallets to utilize any available space to make the biggest profit.


Intelligent Loading Optimizer of load planning optimization software "AutoLoad Pro", completely meet real work loading requirements.

Load Planning Optimization Software "AutoLoad Pro-Intelligent Load Planning Optimization System" support sea&air container loading, truck loading, palletizing, 2-stages loading. AutoLoad Pro function with practical operation of the logic, which can be flexibly all load planning types and various types of restrictions, Specific support the needs of load operation optimization.

Loading optimization functions

1. Carton Loading Orientation  

AutoLoad Pro creates 3D load plans using complex loading rules and carton orientation rules.

  • All: six orientations allowed. ( It is allowed to stack vertically)
  • Fixed: only one primary orientation allowed. ( Ex. Pallets Stacking)
  • Horizontal turn: two orientations allowed. ( Ex. Liquor bottle Stacking)

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2. Loading Direction   

  • Front-to-Back is used for truck or container loading.
  • Bottom-to-Top is used for palletizing.

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3. Loading Sequence 

  • Multiple Stops - Loading Sequence and Priority Setting (Multiple Stop)
  • Define loading sequence in order which delivery is to be made for multiple stops and
    priority loading.

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4. Stacking Pattern of Pallet

AutoLoad Pro can produce an interlocked load pattern, which is frequently used in palletizing. It can usually load more cartons than a non-interlocked pattern.

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5. Multiple Containers Optimization 

Define in which order containers are to be used for optimization in multiple containers.


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6. Roll Loading  

Capable of handling roll and mixed loading (roll and rectangular loading).

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7. Complex Loading (Stacking Matrix Rules) 

Set stack codes for packages and define stacking rules among different stack codes.

These rules will be applied while loading or stacking.

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8. Stacking Location and Strength Restrictions

Stacking order can be used to prevent heavy boxes from being put on top of light boxes.  

Settings for top only or bottom only boxes are also possible.


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9. Overhang Restrictions

In AutoLoad Pro, it is possible to set the minimum stacking length and width of cartons to avoid overhang. AutoLoad Pro has two options of loading boxes on top of another. One option is with overhang and the other is without overhang.


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10. Handling Nested Boxes 

AutoLoad Pro allows the user to define a nest height increase for boxes. It will be used to calculate a stack of boxes when nested. With this feature, stack / nest box loading ( loading of boxes which shrink when stacked ) is now possible.


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11. Restriction on Same Dimension Package Stacking 

Place goods of the same dimensions on a stack. Stack the same dimension packages on each other.


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12. Grouping 

The packages come from the same order or the same customer could be grouped and would be stacked or loaded in the same containers while loading optimization.


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13. Load packages of same type into the same container

Same package could be loaded consecutively, that is, after loading the first one, all will be loaded in the same container if they fit.

This parameter helps the actual out-of-the-box operation to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.


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14. Volume Utilizatio

Define maximum load factor of multi-set containers. Loading up to a given volume utilization.


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15. Center of Gravity

AutoLoad Pro provides various settings on how to automatically position the center of gravity. For example, the user can set the center of gravity near the center of the container.


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16. Supported Weight

Maximum supported weight can be set for each box. The figure here shows a sample result with Maximum Supported Weight set to 100Kg. Numbers printed on the boxes are the weights of each box.


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17. Restrictions on Loading Space

AutoLoad Pro allows the user to define three dimensional rectangular spaces in the container entry or corner casting or Air cargo ULD that cannot be used for loading.

Consider the space that couldn’t be stacked in the warehouse and simulate the loading operation.


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18. Packages of the same group stacked together

You can use this function to make sure the packages of the same group are stacked together. It is very useful and convenient for unloading the packages when there are several groups of packages loaded in the containers.


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19. Automatic Re-Loading

In AutoLoad Pro, it is possible for the user to first optimize a part of the loading plan, and then fix that part to make it permanent, make additional inputs and re-optimize the loading plan without changing the fixed parts.

Next day loading plan could be advanced if there is still space could be loaded so that it could improve the utilization of containers.


20. Auto 2-Stage Container/Truck Loading

Complete 2 stages loading plan at the same time by one click:

  • Packages -> Pallets -> Containers/Trucks
  • Packages -> Carton -> Containers/Trucks
  • Packages -> Racks -> Containers/Trucks


21. Useful settings

  • Uniload or Mixload setting for pallets.
  • Top Only setting for pallets.
  • Allow to palletize or not for the rest of packages after palletized. You can set a specific percentage to determine whether to palletize or not for the rest of packages. For example, if volume of the rest of packages dose not reach 50% of the capacity of pallet, they can be not palletized and loaded along with full pallets in the container.

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22. Oversize object Loading

AutoLoad Pro can combine two containers to load oversize objects. It usually happened in air container loading operation.


23. Automatic fixed and variable cost analysis

Fixed Cost may include a variety of vehicles and containers. (3.5 tons, 10.5 tons trucks; 20’, 40’containers)

Variable Cost is measured by unit of packages to be loaded.

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AutoLoad Pro software has excellent function for editor、report、import and export

1. 3D Loading Plan Editor

  • 3D graphical drag and drop editor enables you to build or edit load plan quickly and effectively.
  • "Undo、Redo" functions to redo/undo the previous actions.
  • Advanced 3D tool sets – Grouping, Moving a group of packages, and Loading multiple packages and adding new packages with one mouse click.
  • Support 8 types of box positioning control tools.
  • Support 10 types of alert for violation of any loading constraints.

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2. Export Graphic Load Diagram

Support static and animated graphic files, all the loaded containers can export to graphic les to review.


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3. Reports / Import / Export

  • Main Report
  • Detailed Load Report
  • Graphic Load Diagram
  • Integrated Import wizard (containers, packages, planned containers, planned packages CSV format)
  • Integrated Export wizard (summary report, detailed load report, graphic load diagram and not loaded packages report Excel format)

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